• The H5N1 avian flu: Not just for the birds.

    Science - In Society
    Michael Sugarman   What is the H5N1 avian (bird) flu? Avian influenzas are a group of viruses that preferentially and primarily infect birds. One particular strain of avian flu, the H5N1 virus (this nomenclature is explained below), has been rap...
  • From Cloning Animals to Cloned Human Organs

    Science - In Society
    From Cloning Animals to Cloned Human Organs: The Social and Economic Benefits in Light of the Ethical Considerations Shadi Farhangrazi This past summer, audiences in movie theaters watched “The Island”, a fictional tale of a future world with clon...
  • Katrina - A Personal Journey

    Science - In Society
    Devastated: the aftermath of Katrina Shadi Farhangrazi At Biotrends, we believe in discussing social issues with relevance to science. We have all felt the effects of Hurricane Katrina—if not directly then in empathy and frustration. We recognize this...
  • Entrepreneurship: US dependence on Foreign Minds

    The Street - The Street
    A recent report by the Kauffman Foundation highlights the “substantially higher rates of entrepreneurship among immigrants as compared to U.S.-born individuals.” ...
  • Does Pharmaceutical industry have the right prescription?

    The Street - The Street
    Last week, Californians went to the polls and voted down two competing propositions: Propositions 78 and 79. ...
  • Support “Coast 2050”

    Our Planet - The Environment
    For many years, different groups including politicians, engineers, environmentalists and people living on coastal lands of the Gulf Coast have talked about the potential impact a major hurricane could have. The Louisiana 's disappearing coastal wetlands, ...